The Exquisite Adidas Consortium Energy Boost “Silfra Rift” Release Date

If anyone among you loves to study about geographical features of the earth, than have a look at the Adidas Consortium Energy Boost “Silfra Rift” sneaker.

The sneaker’s design is inspired by the geographical phenomena of Earth’s tectonic plates especially the plates where the North American and Eurasian meet. The word “Silfra Rift” refers to a rift found in one of the national parks of Iceland which joins the two continents together and is also renowned for scuba diving. So, this particular sneaker features an aquatic makeover which is further enhanced with a white Boost mid-sole.

The sneaker will only be found at Parker Shoes and European retailer Solebox for a retailing price of $180 on November 4th, as they are associated with Adidas Consortium Exchange this year.

Images: Solebox